Study Groups

STUDY GROUP meets every Thursday at See our Calendar on the HOME PAGE for Scheduled Meetings.

Meetings are held in the Church Lounge  

Currently Studying  “Jesus & the Kingdom of God” 



Meditation Group meets on a Thursday Evening at 7.30pm.

Weekly Meditation & Contemplation Group

We invite you to practice meditation with the support of a group. Our group uses an approach to meditation/contemplation based on the Christian tradition. Everyone is welcome, whether you are looking for a spiritual practice, spiritual companionship, have no affiliation with any Spiritual Tradition, but want to meditate for the many known health benefits.     We practice meditation sitting on a chair so it is suitable for all age groups and mobility levels.

See this link for more information Meditation Group


The Hope – A Guide to Sacred Activism


This was the fire in which a new world would be created out of the smoldering ashes of the old; this was the fire that would burn in the heart of a transformed humanity and give it the energy to reinvent all institutions, arts, and sciences in the name of Love and Justice.”- Andrew Harvey.

Monthly at a home at 7.30 pm. The next meeting is on  Monday 23rd April 2018.