Mission Plan

Accepting all people, striving for compassion, seeking to live out Christ’s selfless love until we see God’s justice realized

Mission plan: what we are focusing on from 2019-2025

I te arikianga atu i tetai ua atu au tangata,

e te umuumu i te takingameitaki, ma te kimi oonuanga atu i te inangaro e te aroa ua o te Mesia e tae ua atu ki te tuatau ta te Atua i anoano.

In response to God’s mission, we are dedicating ourselves and our resources to work in Hastings and beyond.

Here are our current values, aspirational values and objectives reflecting what we hope to achieve in five key areas of our church life: our worship services, our development as disciples of Jesus, our fellowship or investment in each other’s lives, our evangelism (sharing the good news of God with our community) and finally our public witness and social justice activities.

At our heart and life is god’s mission

God wants to be known. God is a God of love, justice and peace; who seeks the healing and restoration of all people and creation.  This mission – God’s mission – lies at the heart of all we do.  We desire to be a community of people who embraces and shares this radical mission of love.    

At St Andrew’s we are strong in our gathering – committed to loving and enjoying each other, worshipping God, and sharing our lives together through our gifts and talents.  We are equally passionate in our sending: serving our community; promoting and living out God’s justice and peace: and seeking the flourishing of all people in Hastings and beyond. 

Our public worship at ST ANDREW’S

Every time we come together as members of God’s family in worship, we are invited to respond anew to God’s call in Christ to follow him.  In our public worship, God renews us, heals us, blesses us and sends us.

In our worship at St Andrew’s, we are blessed in offering a cross cultural blend of music, prayer and liturgy that reflects who we are: Maori, NZ European, Cook Islands Maori and the myriad other nationalities that make up our congregation.

We value participation across all generations at our services and encourage people to share in leading worship.  We deeply value fostering an environment of care, warmth, love and fellowship as we gather together during worship and afterwards over a cup of good coffee.

During the week we offer and practice more contemplative forms of worship – such as Whakamoemiti (Sacred Space) and Christian meditation.

It is our hope that all people experience the Holy Spirit as we gather to worship and enjoy God.

Below are our key objectives against three values we aspire to:

We value meeting together as one church family, sharing and celebrating our diversity in worship  

  • Worshipping together as one congregation for Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month   
  • Continue developing our Worship Task Group team to broaden the use of our gifts and talents in contributing to leading worship; and planning this through tools such as rosters
  • Further developing and promoting our Tuesday Sacred Space, Whakamoemiti and Thursday Christian Meditation
  • Further developing and promoting Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Lament Services

We value having young people participate or lead aspects of our service

  • Encouraging our young people to complete a spiritual gifts assessment course to help identify and encourage and support them to use their creative gifts and talents in worship
  • Encourage and give permission for our youth to lead us in contemporary ways of worshipping

We uphold the political implications of God’s mission and the use of the pulpit to promote God’s love, social justice and care of creation

  • Engaging with our church and community about the political implications of the Gospel and God’s mission for today
  • Recognising that we will be challenged by the Gospel. 
  • Developing a permission-giving culture, to enable all preachers to share challenging topics while maintaining spiritual and emotional safety
  • Fostering open and transparent communication channels to allow people to express their understanding, questions or concerns on the political implications of God’s mission

Our discipleship development at ST ANDREW’S

Discipleship development is about our journey and commitment to living more in Christ.  We deeply value seeking and learning together.

We grow in our relationship with Jesus through individual and group time.  We value equipping and encouraging faith development in our homes through personal disciplines such as daily prayer and devotions.  We also value offering groups to strengthen and share our faith together.

Below are our key objectives against three values we aspire to:

We value people identifying and applying their individual ministry gifts and talents

  • Offering a spiritual gifts assessment course to help people identify their spiritual gifts and talents
  • Linking people to existing or new ministries in the community and the church
  • Celebrating our gifts and ministries through confirmation or the sacrament of baptism, and sharing this through our newsletters and website

We value the relationships that are formed through small groups and promote our participation in them

  • Encouraging people to join existing and new small groups
  • Raising up new group leaders, such as those identified through the spiritual gifts’ assessment process
  • Providing training, guidelines and regular support for all small group leaders
  • Regularly promoting the importance of small groups through services (especially through sharing stories or experiences from small groups) and newsletters

We value nurturing and resourcing people as teachers, leaders and organisers

  • Exploring and defining key attributes of faithful and effective teaching, leadership and organisation we want to develop for the wider church and small groups
  • Where we have capacity and expertise within the church, offering training and on-going support for leaders, teachers and administrators.  Where we do not have the capacity and/or expertise, resourcing outside support and training

Our fellowship and hospitality at  ST ANDREW’S

God calls us to be a new family.  This means prioritising and making space to be with each other and share our lives.  As with worship, we celebrate our diverse blend of heritages and enjoy festivals and celebrations from all strands – especially Cook Islands.

We value spending time with each other at social events such as movies or shared meals or opening our homes to each other.  We value visiting and making sure our most vulnerable, such as our elderly, are cared for and that they are prayed for (including through our prayer/text circle).

Below are our key objectives against three values we aspire to:

We value showing love and kindness to people outside the church

  • Promoting opportunities such as ‘Listening to the Neighbourhood’ courses, to deepen our understanding and practice of getting alongside and serving our community, as God’s people
  • Co-operating and deepening our partnerships with agencies who offer support to individuals and families in need
  • Celebrating our experiences and stories of sharing love and kindness with people in our communities at worship

We value offering fellowship and support to those of our church family who are in need

  • Identifying new pastoral carers through discernment processes such as the spiritual gifts assessment courses
  • Offering guidelines and training for people involved in pastoral care to our church community
  • Creating a peer-support team for people offering pastoral care to ensure they are well-supported and cared for

We value reconciling faithfully and respectfully, face to face, when conflict arises in our church family

  • Developing, preaching on and promoting the booklet ‘How we manage conflict lovingly and faithfully in our church’
  • Offering support, empathy and prayer for people in the church who may be experiencing conflict

Our Evangelism at ST ANDREW’S    (Sharing the Good News of God)

Jesus began his public ministry with the words ‘The time has come, the kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the good news.’ (Mark 1:15).  God calls the church to make this good news – God’s love and reconciliation – known to all people through our lives, our actions and our words.     

We value opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ with people in our community and investing our time with them.  We value what Christ does for us and enjoy respectfully sharing our faith when the opportunity presents itself.

Below are our key objectives against two values we aspire to:

We value our faith and participation in God’s kingdom so much that we want to share it

  • Sharing the good news, as well as what we are excited about at St Andrew’s  
  • Having people share their faith in worship 
  • Celebrating our church life and achievements together once a year to inspire and encourage our response to God’s mission
  • Training group leaders to enable small groups to be a safe place for practicing evangelism

We value sharing meaningful, value-based discussions with non-Church goers as a step toward evangelism

  • Hosting and/or facilitating important discussions around current issues between church and non-church people in a way that fosters deep discussion and sharing
  • Equipping small group leaders and teachers to be able to discuss contemporary issues in light of the Gospel
  • With the support of prayers and grants, hiring a Community Chaplain for the Te Rā community project (refer https://blog.standrewshastings.org.nz/dir/te-ra-power/  for more information on this project)

Our public witness, social justice and care of creation at ST ANDREW’S

The mission of God goes right to the heart of humanity and calls us to reach out to people in need or distress. 

We are blessed to share our facilities with the local community as well as social service agencies. We value the opportunity to build and grow the connections we have with each of them. We uphold the work of those who use our space and the work they do with vulnerable individuals and families in our community.

We value our Vaka garden and the sacred place it offers our church and community to rest and be restored. We look for ways to develop this. 

We value the Te Rā Project and how it will help people to live more fully.  With the support of the Te Rā Community Chaplain (refer previous page), we hope to build a loving and supportive community that reflects the values of God’s Kingdom; particularly in our voice and action for economic equality and solidarity.

Below are our key objectives against three values we aspire to:

We value resourcing and promoting the Te Rā Project as a sign of God’s love, providence and justice for individuals and families   

  • Continuing to support and offer resources to people who are leading the Te Rā project
    • Creating regular feedback and communication opportunities within the church on the progress of the project

We value promoting an intergenerational approach in our public witness

  • Creating a Mission Task Group comprised of people who have a passion for promoting and working in social justice and/or care of creation
  • Identifying both existing, and new, people’s passion for social justice and/or care of creation through tools such as the spiritual gift assessment course
  • Supporting and encouraging new community-projects through the support of the Mission Task Group

We value being resourced and trained in how to engage meaningfully with people who are underprivileged and/or homeless; to be a beacon of light and hope

  • Providing/facilitating opportunities for training and education in this area for people in the church and community through the support of the Mission Task Group

Five Areas of our Life and Mission Together

To help us plan and evaluate where we are in our response to God’s mission, we look at five key areas of our church life here at St Andrew’s.  This booklet contains a brief description of our current and aspirational values and objectives in our:

  • Public Worship
  • Discipleship Development
  • Fellowship and Hospitality
  • Evangelism (Sharing the Good News)
  • Public Witness, Social Justice and Care of Creation

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